Zoning Board Members (term expiry)
Jonathan Miles, Chairman (2021)
Pamela Carey (2021)
Melissa Cassidy (2021)
Steve Race (2022)
Dave Derouchie (alternate - 2022)
The Zoning Board of Appeals meets, as needed, on the 4th Monday of each month. The meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the Meeting Room at Village Hall
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The Zoning Board of Appeals meets to review requests
for area or use variances to the Code of the Village of Liverpool.
Applications and all required paperwork are to be submitted TWO WEEKS in advance of the meeting.
Zoning Board Agenda
Zoning Board of Appeals


September 27, 2021
6:00                        Call to Order

                                Adoption of Minutes from March 22, 2021


Public Hearing

205 Tamarack – On the application of Ben Burris and Zoe Every-Baker for area variances § 380-16.C (2-3) to reduce the left side setback from 5’ to 2.7’, the right side setback from 5’ to 2.9’ and the rear setback from 5’ to 3’ for the purpose of replacing an existing garage with a new proposed garage that is 30’ x 24’ with the same setbacks as existing at a property located at 205 Tamarack St. designated as tax map #003.-02-11.0.


107 Birch St. – On the application of John Fisher for area variances to §380-16.B(1)(3) to reduce the front yard setback from 30’ to 19’ and the rear setback from 30’ to 12’ for the purpose of constructing a new one-family dwelling at a property located at 107 Birch Street, designated as tax map # 005.-04-08.2