Links & Phone Numbers
Here are some helpful links and phone numbers
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Local Representatives
Senator Chuck Schumer - 315-423-5471
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand  - 315-448-0470
Congressman John Katko - 315-423-5657
State Senator Rachel May - 315-478-8745
Assemblywoman Pamela Hunter - 315-449-9536
Onondaga County
OCWA - Onondaga County Water Authority
OCRRA - Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency
211 CNY - Connecting people with services in CNY

All numbers are Area Code 315 
Sewer Problems 24/7                                        435-3157
OCWA (Water Authority)                                    455-7061
OCRRA (Resource Recovery/Recycling)               453-2870
Onondaga County Parks                                    451-7275
Onondaga Co. Board of Elections                      435-8683
Liverpool Public Library                                     457-0310
Liverpool Central School District                       622-7900
Liverpool Chamber of Commerce                      457-3895
Liverpool Fire Dept. (NON-emergency)              457-0370
Liverpool Post Office                                         451-3060
Town of Salina                                                  457-2710
Town of Clay                                                      652-3800
The Village of Liverpool is a proud member of the NY Conference of Mayors Click HERE to see how working together, we can make a difference!